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Switzerland, the country where I live and work. Unfortunately not very often, but as often as possible, I am out there to take pictures of our nature in shape and color. My home country is quite diverse, the Alps, the Jura, many lakes and rivers. Hiking is one of my hobbies. If I find time, I also undertake smaller excursions to find impressive places to take pictures.
I had the opportunity in December 2007 , together with Angelika and Guzman, he was the pilot of the machine, to do a small Alpine flight. Below ground, dominated from the fog, it seemed that as if the whole world is packed in cotton wool. But hardly started, the sun blinded us, by countless reflected white peaks. It was a wonderful experience, even though I, after about a half hour, the feeling had me on my stomach to have to concentrate. It was very windy, and by the camera or the movements with the camera I could not swaying movements of the airplane set. In addition, it was a very small flying object...
A long trail leads from Brülisau over the Sämtisersee to Bollenwees. We went up to the Saxerluecke direction to the Staubern (highest point of the trek), then down a steep mountainside and back to the Sämtisersee. The last part direction to Ruhsitz leads straight on along the Hohen Kasten until the descent over an unpleasant way to Brülisau. All in all a pretty exhausting trek, ~ 1300 m ascent, ~ 1300 m descent, distance about 17km.
In summer 2011, we set out with the family on a trip out of the ordinary. For my mother's birthday, we took a two-day hike to the Blüemlisalphut. Two times were overcome 1400 meters, on the first day the ascent, the second then the descent. Certainly unforgettable experience, each and every one did it! Congratulations again to all hikers! In the gallery are a few impressions of this tour.
From the Rhine Valley ascending, starting in Frümsen [SG], along the ridge to the Hoher Kasten. This tour in November, called condition as the last part of the ascent is quite steep. However, the hiker is rewarded with a splendid view. This beautiful November day will stays in my memory for a long time.
The Jura is one of my favorite hiking areas. The camera was not always with me, but last fall it was once again so far. The play of colors in this season is simply stunning. Moreover, I had the good fortune that it was quite wet and this allowed me to take very special photos.
Le Chasseron is a mountain in the Jura Mountains, overlooking Sainte-Croix in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. It has an elevation of 1,607 metres above sea level.
The hike in spring time starting in Corcelles, uphill through Gore Virat, then along the boundary between the cantons of Bern and Jura towards Mont Raimeux and at the end the descent to Moutier offered many different colors (it was spring) and an impressive view of the Plateau and the Jura. The demands on stamina and strength is medium, Ascent ~ 700 m, Descent ~ 800 m, length of the hike approximately 10 km.
Below gray, above blue. These words are often heared in Switzerland during the winter months. In November was once again one of those days. In Lucerne, thick fog, cold, wet, really unpleasant. Also on Lake Lucerne, it was not better, but that changed abruptly when we take the cable car in Weggis up to Mount Rigi. Suddenly we were blinded by blazing sunlight, heat surrounded us and we were also rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Fantastic!
Sunrise, sunset, the moon and the sun ... Cloud and Color games, fascinating. An appropriate quote:
“Climb up on some hill at sunrise. Everybody needs perspective once in a while, and you'll find it there.”
Robb Sagendorph
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