Namibia, a former German colony, is basically a very dry country. Sand and rocks dominate the landscape, on the coast, the cold Benguela Current moves north. The Namib Desert, from where the name comes from, is almost endless and has a unique feature that relates to the named Benguela Current: morning fog drifts inland from the coast and brings moisture into the desert. Because of this weather phenomenon there exist life in the otherwise dust-dry land. Not just small insects, but also reptiles like the Namib gecko [Pachydactylus rangei] or the desert chameleon [Chamaeleo namaquensis]. Other species occur in slightly more humid areas, for example the Hartmann's mountain zebra or the Angola giraffe. In addition to the unique fauna, concentrated in the Etosha National Park, the culture of the Himba and the San can be discovered and it is recommended to collect some stories about these highly adapted peoples. With the simplest means and adaptation, these people have learned to defy the harsh conditions of their home country.
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