"The world is full of moments ..."

Moments, captured in colourful and dynamic images, as natural as possible, without too much processing.
Nature photography on five continents, many animals and landscapes in all possible lighting conditions and shades. This is simonsnature.com, a site for everyone who loves nature and travel. More than 6 500 pictures sorted by country and region, from A for Albania to V for Vietnam.
Another part of the site consists of all animals that have been photographed and identified, currently over 1600 different species and subspecies. Including over 980 birds, 220 mammals and 230 insects, just to name the most important.
The pictures may be used for private purposes, feedback is always welcome. For commercial use, please contact me for further details.
I don't call myself an artist, but rather a selective observer of nature on our planet. It is important to me to show nature as it is and thus also the value of preserving and protecting this beauty, wildness and fascination.
Disclaimer: All rights to the images and the design are expressly reserved. The pictures may be used for private purpose. I would be happy to receive a short email with a little note about the usage. Any use of the image material for commercial use is expressly prohibited! Please contact me for an offer. This site uses cookies to a small extent for user control, statistics and potential advertising. If you do not agree, please close this page immediately. Unless otherwise indicated, the texts are taken from Wikipedia or written by the author.
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