Belize is a small country east of Guatemala and south of Mexico. It is primarily known for its offshore islands (caye) and its reefs. A paradise for divers. I travelled the country in the hurricane season and therefore decided not to visit the coast, but the jungle. I spent two nights on my own in a small hut in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in the Maya Mountains, also known as the Jaguar National Park. The only nearby human beeing was a drunken National Park ranger. Unvortunately, I didn't come across a jaguar, but was able to make interesting observations of smaller animals like insects and spiders. Due to the rainy season, there were a lot of mosquitos and it was very humid. The jungle is intact and at another time of year it is certainly more relaxed to explore this thicket for longer. More relaxed because then there are fewer beasts who seek for human blood. I stood still for 10 seconds and my elbow was black, covered with mosquitos...
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