Bolivia is, from a financial viewpoint seen the poorest country in South America. This may apply to the economic situation, but not to the nature and the inhabitants. The plateau in the direction of Chile impresses with its bareness, interrupted by lagoons filled with green, blue or red shimmering water. Or the largest salt pan on earth, the Salar de Uyuni, dominated by white, contrasting with the blue of the seemingly endless sky. The history of the Andean country is shaped by the Spanish exploitation, which can be experienced up close in Potosí. Rich silver deposits in Cerro Rico (engl. rich mountain) led to the enslavement and exploitation of the indigenous population. At over 4000 meters above sea level, the working conditions are still very challenging today. The mountain is riddled with holes and there is a risk that the whole thing collapses and that countless workers would be buried under it. But Bolivia also offers a lot of physical space and space to rove in thoughts. The endless sky, the clear and cold air and the friendly people stay in my memory forever.
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