Canada, a place of longing of many people who are looking for nature and solitude. Endless expanses, sparsely populated, lots of trees, mountains and lakes ... that's the idea of many who have never visited the country. But there is also the other Canada, very hospitable and open people, many animal and plant species well adapted to the extreme changing climate of warm summers and icy winters. With islands that somehow form a country within the country, partly with an own dialect, which is very difficult to understand for non-native speaker. The pictures here were taken on the east side of Canada, the less-known part of the country. There is also a lot to discover there, puffins, gannets in large numbers, moose, black bears, many birds and a varied landscape. Newfoundland, Labrador (with the Trans-Labrador Highway), Quebec, Prince-Edward Island (own province) and Nova Scotia with the famous Cabot Trail.
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