Guatemala, the land of the mountains of fire. Volcanism shapes the country that lies between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and south of Mexico. The old capital, Antigua Guatemala, was relocated to Guatemala City due to the threat of a volcano. But the mountains are not only a threat, but also impressive landscapes with large lakes, such as Lago de Atitlán, or directly due to the possiblity of seeing flowing lava in crevices (e.g., on the Pacaya). For an adventure, the trip to Semuc Champey is also worthwhile, turquoise water forms pools for swimming and relaxing. Semuc Champey means “place where the water disappears / hides” - this refers to the river that flows under the said pools. However, this only applies in the dry season, as the turquoise water during floods is inundated by the brown water of the river. Very close by, there are also caves filled with water that can be explored by swimming in the water with a candle in the mouth for a bit of light (hands are blocked...).
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