In Europe, outside of the Netherlands (the former colonial power), Suriname is almost a terra incognita, i.e., an unknown country. Suriname is located in the north of South America, bordering French Guyana and Guyana, and with about 90% forested area, it is a paradise for nature lovers who are not afraid of hot and humid weather. It is hot all year round, only two shorter dry periods interrupt the rainy season. In the city of Paramaribo it is almost unbearable during the day, the night offers little cooling. Quite different, however, in the south, deep in the rainforests. Still very warm, but the rivers, in which you can swim for hours without getting cold, make it very bearable. There are only a few roads in this country, most of the villages can only be reached by ship or plane. For example, Palumeu, an indigenous village, has its own airstrip and a river nearby, but no road. To visit the neighbours in the nearest villages, they must sail either 4 hours downstream or 9 hours upstream.
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