Last updated: 27/04/2015 [Design & Pictures by Simons Nature]
Family: Pyrgomorphidae
Genus: Phymateus
Species: Phymateus saxosus
Phymateus saxosus
Phymateus saxosus
not evaluated
Genus: Pyrgomorphidae sp
Species: Pyrgomorphidae sp
Pyrgomorphidae (f)
Kegelkopfschrecke (f)
not evaluated
Family: Romaleidae [Lubber grasshoppers]
Genus: Taeniopoda
Species: Taeniopoda reticulata
Lubber Grasshopper
Taeniopoda reticulata
Costa Rica
not evaluated
Family: Tettigoniidae [Bush crickets]
Genus: Acanthoplus
Species: Acanthoplus discoidalis
Armoured ground cricket
Gepanzerten Bodenschrecke
South Africa
Least Concern
Genus: Colossopus
Species: Colossopus grandidieri
Colossopus grandidieri
Colossopus grandidieri
not evaluated
Genus: Tettigonia
Species: Tettigonia viridissima
Great Green Bush-cricket
Grünes Heupferd
not evaluated
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