It was an adventure, China, the country in the east, huge and diverse. Misunderstood in the West, a lot of people and enormous competitive pressure for its residents. Since the country is not easy to travel, first because of the language, even in large cities, english is hardly been spoken, or second because of the official travel restrictions, it is best to go with a local guide. You will then certainly only visit the "desired" locations, but they also offer a lot. Be it spirituality with the largest stone Buddha in the world in Leshan or in the monastery in Emeishan, history and culture in Xi’an with the Qin Shihuangdis mausoleum and the famous Terracotta Army or the Forbidden City in Beijing. Nature can be experienced in the Tiger Leaping Gorge or in the provinces in the south. But a trip is always challenging. My journey took partly place in the so-called "Golden Week". Half a billion Chinese are on vacation, and those who can afford it travel inland by car or train. Very, very exhausting and not very pleasant having a massive queue in front of every attraction and to defend the place in the line.
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