Malaysia, with a large part on the Asian mainland but also countless islands. Part of Borneo is one of them, and my short trips in course of a business trip led me there. In the Bako National Park, the aim was to be able to observe proboscis monkeys. The second destination was the hilly Kubah National Park, chosen at random, primarily deep jungle with rare pitcher plants. However, it was not the season for this ones. I spent the nights in a hut, preparing my own food and boiling the water. It had no infrastructure. The biggest fight in the morning was with the ants, who felt home in the entire hut. And in the evening, I had to be back from the hikes in the jungle before dusk, as the park ranger had warned me about countless snakes in the forest. I encountered a few of them, but luckily not too close. If I had been bitten, no one would have been able to find me in useful time, since I was alone in the jungle, apart from the animals.
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