Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formerly known under the colonial name Ceylon, located at the very end of the Indian subcontinent, offers diverse nature in a relatively small area. The island is divided into a wet and a dry part, and there are also great differences in altitude. Diverse biotopes have thus been able to develop. As it is the case with islands, countless endemic species and subspecies have developed in Sri Lanka, for example the largest subspecies of the leopard. And, for the benefit of the visitor, the density of leopards is nowhere higher in the world as in Yala National Park in the far south. With a bit of luck, you will be able to spot these majestic animals. With my guide Senarath Bulathsinhala, the best bird guide I have ever had, we hiked through primeval forests, plantations and swamps, always looking for bird species and, of course, other animals such as elephants, leopards and numerous butterflies. In total, almost 200 new species were added to my list in just under three weeks.
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