The Iberian Peninsula is known for beaches and world renowned cities like Barcelona or Madrid. But the country has much more to offer and is, for Europe,in terms of area, large. From the Pyrenees in the east to the Atlantic coast, the country has a lot to offer. Exciting mountains, an interesting and diverse bird and reptile fauna and, in winter, many birds from northern clime zones, which move to their winter quarters here. So far, however, my pictures are limited to Catalonia and a little bit Aragon. Even this relatively small area could only be insufficiently discovered. A special place to be named is the Laguna de Gallocanta. Thousands of cranes overwinter on this lake and offer a unique spectacle. Another sight as astonishing as it is unexpected is the Belchite steppes. Red rocks frame a barren plain, very little used for agriculture. And to make the trio full (there are even more places in the galleries) I would also like to mention the Ebro Delta. Countless birds populate the plain, which is used by humans for rice cultivation. For ornithologists a paradise and there is always something to discover.
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