Switzerland, the country where I was born. Extremely diverse and of overwhelming beauty, whether in summer or winter. The Alps are one of my favourite areas. Snow-covered peaks, alpine meadows, mountain lakes and fresh air. With a little effort you can reach places of absolute tranquillity and breath-taking views. In summer, however, the clean rivers and lakes also beckon, be it for swimming or simply relaxing. The Jura with its, for Switzerland, rolling hills and sometimes even mountains is particularly exciting in spring and autumn, especially when there is still snow in the Alps. A varied hiking area. In addition to the mountains, southern Switzerland offers a milder climate than the north, crystal clear rivers such as the Verzasca Valley or refreshing lakes in southern Ticino. The Valais, known among other things for the location of the Matterhorn, scores with many four-thousand-meter peaks and good wine. My home country is, and I can say with a clear conscience after many long journeys, very diverse and well organized. I have often been asked about the beauty of Switzerland by strangers abroad and they talked about this country with admiration.
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